Internet Dinosaur – Someone who has been working online since dial-up internet and Yahoo being top don.

Paul O’Brien – Kinda Made This Up – 2021

23 years ago I left employment and become my own boss – making decent money in affiliate and email marketing. As technology evolved I was able to keep up and evolve with it. But somewhere along the line I took my eye of the ball and missed the world spinning by me,

The internet had been highjacked by graduates raising millions for their latest tech idea and there seemed no shortage of people wanting to invest in these start=ups. I am quite aware we need fresh, highly educated, young minds in the world and tech has benefited massively from their innovations. But that doesn’t mean those who remember dial-up internet connections, Yahoo being number one and the idea of downloading a book laughable should be ignored.

I’d lost my place in society and in my world within the internet – I had become an Internet Dinosaur.